Laying the groundwork for digital-signage technology: Page 4 of 5

July 01, 2019 //By Alex Rodriguez
Digital signage can double audience information retention and provides endless possibilities for all industries. This article takes an in-depth look at the technology, what’s coming, and how to consider it for implementation.

Determining the criteria for technology

Past digital-signage programs were heavy and expensive. Today’s digital-signage programs are nimble, affordable, and extremely efficient, allowing for immediate installation. All industries need to get started and the first step to identifying a business’ specific needs are asking questions when it comes to hardware and software – see figure 3. For instance:

  • How many screens will be needed?

  • How many locations are being managed?

  • What is the project timeline?

  • What is the budget?

  • What is the content strategy?

  • What solution will the IT department be comfortable with—cloud-based, on-premise, etc.?

The system put in place must be managed and applied in a very smart and strategic manner as the possibilities to turn a profit are endless. Businesses can choose an on-premises solution that relies less on outside services (e.g. hosting, internet providers) and allows for more control over the system. On-premises systems will not incur annual cloud-hosting fees but may have higher up-front costs.

If the cloud-based route is chosen, up-front costs are lower and the data is stored elsewhere; therefore, on-site servers aren’t needed. The software will always be up-to-date and when it comes to security—there’s access to the vendor’s security infrastructure, so it could be even more secure than on-premises. 

Fig. 3: The pros and cons of an on-premises or
cloud-based digital signage solution.

Overall, when determining what solution to use, it’s best to decide based on up-front costs versus monthly costs and support and flexibility versus maintenance. Another important consideration is noise. When using digital-signage technology, fanless technology ensures silence and long-lasting power for displays—something to think about depending how it’s used.

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