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July 01, 2019 //By Alex Rodriguez
Digital signage can double audience information retention and provides endless possibilities for all industries. This article takes an in-depth look at the technology, what’s coming, and how to consider it for implementation.

Fig. 4: Azulle’s S.A.M Stick allows users to connect with
their digital signage straight from their smartphones,
wherever they go.

Some companies might determine that a package deal is the most effective—a solution that already includes the software, such as Azulle’s S.A.M. Stick – see figure 4. Sign administration and management (S.A.M.) software is already integrated into Azulle’s cloud-based, fanless Access3 mini PC stick. Solutions like the S.A.M. Stick use one network for multiple types of screens, is easy to operate, and saves on costs. If you would like to integrate your own signage software, the Access3 can also be used as an on-premises solution.

The purpose of digital transformation is to deliver new experiences from scratch—not cover up an old solution with technology. Companies would be wise to deploy digital technology today, stay on top of trends by keeping the solutions up-to-date with the latest technology and be ready for the digital-signage revolution of the future.

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