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June 01, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Light centimetre-level SLAM for drones
Working deeply with CERN (European Centre for Nuclear Research) in 2012, French startup Terabee has taken IR-based time-of-flight (ToF) to centimetre-level, boasting update frequencies up to 1kHz for fast moving robots and drones.

Terabee’s CEO Max Ruffo told us the company had already gone through several rounds of financing, raising a few million euros for its industrialization phase. "Today, we are not desperate for more cash, we are seeking strong partnerships to pursue the integration of our products and to gain access to a wider market", Ruffo said, adding that with only about 15 shareholders (some of them working at Terabee), the privately owned company was under no external pressure.

"We have development projects with several high-profile customers and we have secured a good supply chain so we can readily ship in the thousands and hundreds of thousands of units" the CEO said, shy of disclosing any real figures.

During the Innorobo event in Paris, Terabee exhibited the TeraRanger Hub, a plug-and-play microprocessor module able to manage up to eight sensors, an entry-level rotating lidar scanner for short-range indoor applications (with one sensor mounted onto a motor spindle), and the TeraRanger Tower simultaneously streaming the distance data of eight sensors arranged in a circular fashion (with 45º between each sensor axis). A demo video was also running, showing a robot navigating autonomously through a reconfigurable maze.

The company is happy to develop custom arrangements to meet specific needs, but it is not stopping there.

Showing the tiny TeraRanger One in his hand, Ruffo unveiled his vision for the future.

"We are looking at shrinking our technology further and in fact, we are now developing multi-pixel arrays the size of this box. Eventually, we want to achieve active 3D vision with point clouds and depth as a simple output ", he concluded.



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