Light sensor detects 50/60Hz flicker for smart photo capture

February 26, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Light sensor detects 50/60Hz flicker for smart photo capture
Color (RGB), proximity and flicker detection sensor TCS3707 from ams enables a mobile phone camera to take clean, unblemished photographs in artificial lighting scenes, without suffering from banding or other image artefacts generated by the invisible flickering of AC powered lighting.

The TCS3707 s ultra-high sensitive RGB, Clear, Wideband channels enable accurate measurements of the color and intensity of ambient light across a wide range of lighting conditions. The device’s flicker detection engine can detect the flickering of any artificial light source operating from 50Hz or 60Hz alternating current cycles. This flicker detection allows the camera controller to synchronize the shutter with the On part of the AC cycle. The 2.0x2.5x0.5mm sensor can also supply flicker measurements to the mobile phone’s applications processor to support flicker cancellation firmware at frequencies other than 50/60Hz by using the internal FIFO on the device. The chip also embeds IR cross-talk rejection and, when paired with an IR emitter, produces reliable proximity detection.

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