Lighter AC-DC power supplies deliver performance improvements

November 14, 2013 //By Paul Buckley
Lighter AC-DC power supplies deliver performance improvements
TDK Corporation has introduced the TDK-Lambda HWS-A series of AC-DC power supplies, which comprises five models rated from 15-150W to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

The HWS-A series is an upgrade of the HWS series which was originally introduced in 2005, typical industrial applications include equipment used for factory automation, process control, LED display and signage, test and measurement, broadcast and communications.

The HWS-A is completely form, fit and function compatible with the HWS series to enable easy upgrade, with the added bonus that it is up to 12% lighter in weight. The new series also achieves up to a three percent improvement in efficiency at full load (up to 91% efficiency), and up to a four percent improvement at low loads. Power consumption at no load is also lower, thereby contributing to a reduction in environmental impact.

Operating from a universal input of 85-265 Vac (47-63 Hz), the 50, 100 and 150 W HWS-A models include active power factor correction and all models are EN61000-3-2 compliant. HWS-A meets SEMI F47 requirements at high line input. Each of the 15, 30, 50, 100 and 150W models is available with nominal outputs of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48 Vdc. The operating temperature range is wider than its predecessor; from -10 to +50°C at full load, and up to 70°C with appropriate derating.

All models meet EN55011/EN55022, FCC and VCCI curve B requirements for conducted and radiated EMI. The TDK-Lambda HSW-A series is approved to UL/CSA/EN 60950-1 and UL508 (with cover) safety standards, CE marked, according to the LV and RoHS Directives, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

More information about the TDK-Lambda HWS-A series of AC-DC power supplies at

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