Lock-in amplifier with integrated digitizer

January 16, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Lock-in amplifier with integrated digitizer
Zurich Instruments has developed what it claims to be the world's first lock-in amplifier with an integrated digitizer.

Offering the best of both worlds, the UHFLI allows raw signals to be acquired with the full bandwidth of the digitizer, available for later post-processing, whilst simultaneously the lock-in amplifier is able to extract the smallest signals from the noise.

The instrument comes with two separate signal inputs, each with a sampling rate of 1.8 GSamples/s, and 12-bit signal resolution at a bandwidth of 600 MHz. The 1 GB internal memory allows up to 128 Million samples to be saved before the data is transferred to the PC.

One of the major advantages of this combination is that the data acquisition can be started by a trigger from the demodulated signal (lock-in amplifier) or at a certain signal level of the input signal (digitizer). The reduced complexity of the measurement set-up increase set-up stability and leads to higher measurement productivity.

Included with the instrument is the LabOne software package that supports simultaneous signal measurement in the frequency and time domains and offers a suite of analysis tools (FFT spectrum analyzer, sweeper, oscilloscope, plotter, software trigger, periodic waveform analyzer).

Visit Zurich Instruments at www.zhinst.com

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