Low insertion force connectors for flat-ribbon cables

June 23, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Low insertion force
Besides a broad range of flat flexible cables (FFCs) and lockable ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) plug connectors, Würth Elektronik now also offers the LIF (Low Insertion Force) connector WR-FPC.

Small and flexible flat-ribbon cables are widely used in small electronics where a vibration-free interlock is required for the plug-in connector. Fully suited for SMT pick-and-place assembly systems, the WR-FPCs comes in the 1-mm grid format, available in a variety of versions, from 4 to 30 pins, in horizontal and vertical plug-in directions. Besides serving as sockets for flat flexible cables, they are also intended for use as connectors for flexible printed circuit boards. Rated current is 1A, operating voltage is 125V. Phosphor bronze has been selected for the contacts to ensure a high degree of elasticity, low wear and tear, and a low resistance (30 mΩ). The connectors have an undercoat of nickel to prevent the so-called tin whisker phenomenon. These WR-FPC low-insertion-force connectors are offered ex stock in component belts without a minimum order volume.

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