Machine learning boost for complex chip and package reliability analysis

September 14, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Machine learning boost for complex chip and package reliability analysis
The cloud-enabled PrimeSim Reliability Analysis tool from Synopsys is part of an ISO26262 safety critical design flow for reliability analysis of complex chips and system-in-package designs

Synopsys has launched a simulation and analysis tool that uses machine learning to boost the reliability of complex chip and package designs across the product lifecycle.

The need for safety and reliability has become paramount for critical IC applications across areas such as automotive, aerospace and medical, which require low defect rates that are often measured in defective parts per billion (DPPB), higher functional safety including compliance with industry standards such as ISO 26262 and higher long-term reliability under stringent operating conditions. The latest system-on-chip and system-in-package (SIP) designs make this analysis even more complex.

Several leading semiconductor companies have adopted PrimeSim Reliability Analysis, including STMicroelectronics, Dialog Semiconductor (now part of Renesas Electronics), AMD and TDK.

The PrimeSim Reliability Analysis tool is integrated with the Synopsys PrimeSim Continuum simulation environment to provide reliability assessment for early life, normal life and end-of-life failures, design engineers can minimize costly late-stage engineering change orders (ECOs) and defect escapes.

It is part of the ISO 26262 TCL1-certified Synopsys Custom Design Platform and can be reliably used to verify functional safety for ASIL D applications. Using the PrimeWave design environment in PrimeSim Continuum provides a seamless reliability verification experience, enabling unified simulation management, weakness analysis, results visualization and what-if exploration. All these technologies are cloud-ready with optimization for leading public cloud platforms and containerized environments.

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"A more holistic approach is needed to address the challenges with today's hyper-converged and mission-critical IC designs, including comprehensive electrical and manufacturing reliability and thermal assessments," said Raja Tabet, senior vice president of the Custom Design and Manufacturing Group at Synopsys. "PrimeSim Reliability Analysis solution represents a pioneering approach to safety and reliability analysis, reimagining design for high reliability. Part of the PrimeSim Continuum family of solutions, PrimeSim Reliability Analysis solution accelerates full-lifecycle reliability signoff, enabling faster time-to-results and higher designer productivity."

PrimeSim Reliability Analysis uses conventional and machine learning- (ML-) driven technologies that deliver significant speedup for high-sigma leaf cell characterization, static circuit checks, power/signal network integrity resistance, EM and IR signoff analysis, MOS aging analysis and safety and test coverage analysis using analog fault simulation.

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