MagnaChip makes standardization push for OLED touch interfaces

April 10, 2019 //By Julien Happich
MagnaChip makes standardization push for OLED touch interfaces
OLED driver manufacturer MagnaChip Semiconductor announced it intends to develop individual strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers of touch, stylus, fingerprint technologies, and associated OLED display technologies to design innovative UI interfaces while enabling cost reduction synergies.

Each of these companies will collaborate with MagnaChip to develop and standardize innovative human-interface solutions based upon smart touch, stylus and fingerprint technologies that are suitable for MagnaChip’s industry leading OLED display driver integrated circuits (DDIC). The goal in each instance will be to improve the functionality of OLED displays on end user devices. MagnaChip also anticipates specific collaborations with shared intellectual property that will extend into new applications, for instance in the IoT and automotive sectors.

More than a dozen smartphone OEMs currently use MagnaChip’s OLED DDICs in their smartphone lineups and over the past 10 years, the company has shipped more than 400 million OLED DDICs and developed a broad portfolio of patents related to the design and manufacturing of OLED display drivers.

“The series of strategic ecosystem partnerships will create a new de facto OLED display ecosystem that can help us better identify customer needs and develop best-in-class products,” explained YJ Kim, Chief Executive Officer of MagnaChip. “Further, by working together, we can achieve innovative and high performance OLED platform solutions, shorten the OLED platform validation cycle, hence reduce “design-in” costs for smartphone and other mobile solutions.”

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