Maskless exposure to slash costs of back-end lithography

July 03, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Maskless exposure
Wafer bonding and lithography equipment provider EV Group (EVG) has unveiled a maskless lithography technology specifically developed for the back-end lithography requirements of advanced packaging, MEMS, biomedical and high-density PCB applications.

Dubbed MLE (for Maskless Exposure), the technology is said to be scalable for high-volume manufacturing, combining a patterning resolution better than 2µm in any arbitrary direction with digitally programmable layouts that eliminate the significant overhead costs associated with photomasks.

MLE technology accommodates any wafer size up to panels, supporting full-resolution, stich-free dynamic photoresist patterning while compatible with all commercially available resists through a tightly integrated clustered write-head configuration and multi-wavelength high-power UV source.

The digitally programmable maskless exposure also bring unprecedented flexibility, enabling individual die annotations (serial numbers, encryption keys, etc.) with extremely short development cycles for new devices. The MLE is unaffected by substrate deformation and warpage and is consumables-free.

Throughput is independent of layout complexity and resolution, and MLE achieves the same patterning performance regardless of photoresist. The new MLE lithography technology complements EVG's existing lithography systems, targeting new and emerging use cases where other approaches face scalability, cost-of-ownership and other limitations.

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