Medical tools developed quicker thanks to EU pilot line

June 22, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Medical tools
The MedPhab initiative is the world’s first open-access medical pilot line that enables researchers, SMEs and businesses to turn their photonics-based diagnostic and treatment devices into industrially-relevant demonstrators.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need to quickly develop diagnostic equipment in the face of a novel threat. At present, many infectious diseases like COVID-19 or HIV/AIDS do not have an adequate vaccine so patients rely on early, rapid diagnosis for effective treatment and survival. While researchers and SMEs throughout the world work tirelessly to develop life-saving surgical tools, therapeutics and diagnostic devices, the work is often carried out in small and medium-sized companies, that often struggle to overcome such long and expensive processes.

The team behind the MedPhab EU pilot line aims to cut the costs involved in research and development of diagnostic devices. It aims to create easy access for European SMEs, researchers and businesses to a unified infrastructure dedicated to manufacturing, testing, validation and up-scaling of new photonics technologies that are used for medical diagnostics.

The devices MedPhab focuses on are within three application areas: hospital use, home care devices and equipment for molecular diagnostics. In the hospital setting, solutions assist doctors by giving them real-time information on how a treatment is progressing without the need to send patient samples to a lab. The equipment for home diagnostics can be used for monitoring a patient’s recovery and for obtaining a broader picture than is currently possible.

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