Metal corrosion sensor mounts on PCBs

September 04, 2019 //By Julien Happich
corrosion sensor
Designed to help prevent equipment failure, Mitsubishi Electric’s metal corrosion sensor is small enough to mount on a PCB and detect the progressive metal corrosion caused by exposure to aggressive atmospheres, such as those containing sulphur compounds.

Each sensor consists of a thin metal film with resistors. The progress of any corrosion can be gauged by measuring the increase in electrical resistance of the corrosion sensors, which can be adjusted by changing the composition and thickness of their metal content.

The 1.6x0.8mm device can be deployed as multiple sensors with different levels of corrosion resistance in order to detect various degrees of corrosion in stages, helping industrial OEMs to prevent equipment failure. Detection under conditions more closely matching the environment inside running equipment eliminates the need to install additional measuring instruments such as external sensors.

Mitsubishi Electric plans to deploy the new technology across its own industrial equipment portfolio.

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