Micro Nitride bets on UV microLEDs for displays

November 05, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Micro Nitride bets on UV microLEDs for displays
Japanese company Nitride Semiconductors announced the establishment of a 100% owned subsidiary, Micro Nitride Co., Ltd. to develop, manufacture and sell micro UV LED chips for micro LED displays.

Created on November 1, 2018, the new company headquartered in Naruto-shi Tokushima, Japan with a capital of 50 million yen (and a capital reserve of 50 million yen) for a total of over 880,000 US dollars will focus exclusively on microLEDs as a brighter and more efficient alternative to OLEDs as used in today's

self-emissive displays, promising a longer lifetime and extended durability against heat.
Currently micro LED displays are either designed by combining three kinds of LEDs for red, blue, and green, or by using a blue LED source to excite red and green phosphors.
Mounting different LED chips together at high density is proving challenging, and it is difficult to produce µ red chips due to their materials' fragility. Different colour LEDs also require different currents and voltages, and have different response speeds, which complicates the control of each chip.
On the other side the µ Blue LED excitation method is more accessible as it can integrate all mounted LED chips into µ blue LEDs, simplifying manufacture while also unifying current and voltage control. Yet, only the blue light is directly emitted, while both the red and green light result from conversion with an associated time lag. What's more colour reproducibility is low due to the low luminance of red and green due to blue excitation.

For all these reasons, the newly created company sees the combination of µUV-LEDs with RGB phosphors as a solution to all these issues.

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