Mid-range LF magnetic field antenna targets PKE up to 3m

December 02, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Premo’s KGEA-MRHPM Series of middle-range antennas are designed for the Automotive RFID market. Most of the vehicles currently manufactured in the world with a KES (Keyless Entry System) use several short antennas.

Depending on the quality of the vehicle and the system, 3 to 6 antennas are used (in the door handles, interior, trunk and/or bumper locations), depending on car size. In order to reduce the number of the antennas and improve electrical and mechanical reliability, manufacturers are aiming to transition from 4-6 short range antennas to 3 middle-range antennas, and ultimately to 2-1 long range antennae.

The KGEA-MRHPM Series addresses this need while offering an equal or better performance on reading distance and H-field around the whole vehicle. It is waterproof to IP69K and supports high mechanical loads (inflection, torsion and drop tests). The part is fully covered with thermoplastic HPM (High Pressure Molding) technology, using a Premo patented technique where there is no point of union between different plastics (bobbin and final over-molding), allowing a complete water-proof antenna. A built-in connector (integrated into the HPM over-molding process) avoids ASSY Cables + external connector, reducing BOM, cost and easing assembly. The 168x16x11.65mm devices enable reading up to 3 meters.

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