Monitoring system cuts on machine servicing costs

December 09, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Monitoring system
Servicing and maintenance costs for machines can be reduced considerably if continuous vibration monitoring warns against abnormalities early enough.

In this case, on the one hand the time for servicing can be self-determined for maintenance in order to avoid production interruptions and on the other hand early intervention enables the hindrance of larger-scale damages. A compact and cost-efficient system for high-speed oscillation data analysis is now available from Acceed. It consists of a compact industrial Box PC as well as optional sensors, software and radio modules (WLAN, 4G). Rotating elements in machines normally generate even oscillations. Cracks and breaks arise as a result of changed oscillation frequencies, in particular on shafts and bearings. You simply need to recognise them early in order to anticipate sudden failure and standstills. Sound emission testing based on high-speed data recording serves to recognise damages to roller bearings early and a compact industrial system is available for this purpose from Acceed.

The condition monitoring platform MCM-100 in a full-aluminium 183x110x84mm casing from the manufacturer Adlink enables 24/7 monitoring of oscillating components with a high degree of precision and scanning rate. The fanless all-in-one computer is already equipped with the specific measurement technology and offers data recording, calculation and analysis as a compact package with stable and secure network connection. The automatic recording of machine information for long-term analysis and the recognition of trends is an additional advantage.

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