Monolithic pulse generators feature resolution to 22-bits

October 23, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Monolithic pulse generators feature resolution to 22-bits
The 3D3600- and 3D7600-series of monolithic one-shot pulse generators from Data Delay Devices offer a wide range of pulse width adjustment in rugged, space-saving surface-mount packages.

All devices are resettable and offer both true and complementary outputs. Pulse width resolution is specified via the device dash number. The resolution can be as small as 250ps and as large as 800us. With such a large range of resolutions available, the devices find use in a wide array of applications, including DC-DC converters, PWM encoding, motion control, automated test equipment and medical equipment. Room temperature accuracy is normally 3%, and all devices can be operated over the industrial temperature range (- 40C to +85ºC), with pulse width stability typically +/-1.5%. Stability over supply voltage is typically +/-0.5%. Pulse width jitter is limited to 300ppm under normal operating conditions. All devices operate off a single power supply and exhibit typical supply currents of 5mA. The pulse retrigger time is essentially zero, which allows the output duty cycle to be varied almost over the entire 0% to 100% range.

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