MOST Forum discusses technology and challenges of infotainment backbone

March 16, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
MOST Forum discusses technology and challenges of infotainment backbone
Against the background of imminent roll-out in serial production at Audi and Daimler, the program at the imminent MOST Forum is marked by topics related to practical aspects of the MOST technology. At the same time, the event will provide an outlook to next-gen MOST technology options.

During the event, speakers from major automotive OEMs such as Audi and Daimler will elaborate on the presence and future of the MOST technology as the infotainment bus of choice in the industry. As reported, Audi plans to equip the successor for its current A3 line with the next-gen MOST150 technology. Daimler just introduced its new SLK which also makes use of the MOST bus albeit not of MOST150. Nevertheless, the company has already committed to MOST150 for the future. “The third MOST technology generation is nearing start-of-production and we are proud that Audi and Daimler will be the first OEMs planning to implement MOST150 in their serial production”, said MOST Cooperation Administrator Christian Thiel, adding that currently more than 100 car models with MOST infotainment backbone are out on the roads.

Other presentations at the MOST Forum will discuss the possibilities of the new Gigabit POF home networking standard for automotive use and methods for testing and simulation of MOST-based systems. Since Ethernet increasingly challenges the dominance of MOST in the automotive environment, another presentation (held by an expert from tier one Continental) compares payload efficiency and other network aspects between the both. Several presentations will deal with possible MOST improvements at the design level. An expert from SMSC – the semiconductor manufacturer providing the silicon for the MOST technology – will give an outlook on the MOST roadmap into the future.

The event will be rounded off by an exhibition where MOST Cooperation members will display various aspects and functionalities of MOST150 in real-world applications. For future application fields, a technology has to meet the requirements of an increasing variety of consumer electronics devices in the car. Besides the transport of high-definition audio and video data streams, MOST will provide a ready-to-use physical layer for Ethernet. By virtue of this feature, MOST is open for a large number of IP-based applications including Connected Services and internet access.


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