Multi-channel 10bit digitizer with up to 4 GS/s sampling

September 24, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
Multi-channel 10bit digitizer with up to 4 GS/s sampling
Flexible 10bit PCIe digitizer with software-configurable channel count and sampling rate up to 4Gsamples/s

Teledyne SP Devices in Sweden has developed a modular data acquisition board with configurable channel count and sampling rate.

The PCI Express digitizer complements the previously released ADQ8-8C by offering a higher sampling rate and software-selectable two- or four-channel mode of operation. The high channel density, flexible mode of operation, and open FPGA architecture make it suitable for large-scale physics installations and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product integration.

The programmable analog front-end (AFE) supports multi-purpose operation and can therefore be used with a wide variety of detectors and in applications such as particle physics, scientific instruments, time-of-flight applications, and more. “ADQ8-4X extends our 10-bit product portfolio by offering a flexible analog front-end and faster sampling at two different rates. This helps our customers optimize channel count, sampling rate, and cost,” said Jan-Erik Eklund, Digitizer Product Manager at Teledyne SP Devices.

This allows large multi-channel systems to use a combination of different digitizer models with simultaneous acquisitions on a large number of channels distributed over many chassis with a timing alignment of better than 200 picoseconds and extended over time.

Additional capabilities of the ADQ8-4X include an AFE with programmable channel count, sampling rate, DC-offset, and input voltage range, 10bit resolution with 2 GS/s sampling rate in 4-channel mode and 4 GS/s in 2-channel mode as well as 1 GHz analog input bandwidth. It supports open Xilinx FPGA with resources available for customized real-time digital signal processing along with 1 Gbyte of onboard acquisition memory and hardware trigger and highly accurate multi-channel synchronization capabilities.

There is extensive software suite including easy-to-use evaluation/integration software Digitizer Studio

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