Multi-channel AWG and digitizer in one device

September 16, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Multi-channel AWG and digitizer in one device
A portable measuring instrument generates, records and analyses electronic signals simultaneously. The hybridNETBOX is a new measuring instrument for applications that require simultaneous signal generation and acquisition.

With the ability to generate and record signals simultaneously, the hybridNETBOX from the manufacturer Spectrum Instrumentation is perfectly suited for measuring systems where automated tests in closed-loop or stimulus-response procedures are required. For example, echo signals such as radar, sonar, lidar or ultrasound can be generated and recorded simultaneously. Thanks to their multi-channel capability, these systems can also be tested if they are arrays of transmitters and receivers.

The hybridNETBOX is also suitable for ATE applications where components and assemblies have to be tested quickly and automatically. The functions and tolerances of test objects can be checked because many different complex signals can be generated in the simplest way with the hybridNETBOX. This is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as bus testing, MIMO communication, circuit testing, mechatronics and robotics.

The hybridNETBOX uses the latest 16-bit converter technology for low-noise signal generation and acquisition. All channels are synchronised and share common clock and trigger signals. The AWG channels can generate almost any waveform; output modes include Single-Shot, Loop, FIFO Streaming, Gated Replay and Sequence Replay - this allows easy creation of test routines, whether simple or complex.

The digitizer channels are designed to handle a wide range of input signals. They have variable input ranges from ±200 mV to ±10 V with fully programmable offset and selectable input impedance (50 Ohm and 1 Megaohm). All inputs can be switched between single-ended and differential operation. As with the AWG channels, there are a number of operating modes including single shot, FIFO streaming, multiple recording, gated sampling and ABA (Sampling Rate Switching). This is combined with a variety of flexible triggering modes (Channel, External, Software, Window, Pulse, Re-Arm, Peak, Logic and Delay) to ensure that all events can be captured.    

Additional multi-purpose digital I/O connectors can be used as marker outputs, for example, to control external devices in the test setup in full synchronism with the signals from the AWG

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