Multiway isolated splitter is space tested and qualified

April 27, 2020 //By Julien Happich
The SpaceNXT MWC Series of high reliability ferrite splitters released by Smiths Interconnect is part of an overarching initiative to create a broad range of readily accessible space qualified products operating in high frequency Ku-bands.

The MWC Series is a 2-way Ku-Band isolated splitter that operates from 10.7 to 12.8 GHz. The splitter provides an insertion loss under 1.4 dB and an isolation of 20 dB. The ports are well balanced making the MWC Series used either as a power splitter or combiner. The devices are designed to offer the commercial satellite downlink band with specific attention to achieving phase stable output amplitude and phase characteristics. The devices are housed in an EMC shielded, RoHS compliant, stackable Aluminum casing. Any combination of field replaceable interconnect SMA or (F or M) can be accommodated.

The SpaceNXT MWC splitters are offered with recognized testing sequences in order to reduce delivery times and overall cost of ownership. Testing is performed in house in the company’s Dundee facilities and made in compliance with general space qualification flow, incorporating industry standard power and environmental requirements.

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