Murata in digital envelope tracking startup buy

September 08, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
Murata in digital envelope tracking startup buy
Murata has acquired Eta Wireless in the US for an undisclosed sum.

Eta Wireless is a developer of digital envelope tracking technology, a technique that can reduce the power consumption of RF circuits involved in wireless communications.

The founders of Eta Wireless previously developed Eta Devices Inc. as a spin-off developer power management ICs for mobile communications basestations that was sold to Nokia in October 2016.

Eta Wireless realises its Digital Envelope Tracking technology through a proprietary power management integrated circuit (PMIC) and digital pre-distortion algorithm. The PMIC digitizes and optimizes the voltage required by the RF circuit, supports broadband signals such as 5G, and helps to curb excessive power consumption. Additionally, the DPD algorithm achieves further reduction in power consumption by minimizing distortion and noise in the RF circuit.

Eta Wireless claims that unlike legacy analog envelope tracking technologies, Digital Envelope Tracking Technology supports new gigabit communication standards for 5G-NR, 5G-mmWave and WiFi.

"Murata’s leadership in RF front ends made them the perfect partner when we first started to work together a number of years ago. The collaboration has been excellent, and we can now make an even greater impact in the RF front-end market as one team," said Mattias Astrom CEO and founder of Eta Wireless, in a statement issued by Murata.

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