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November 07, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Nano sponge silicon gives lithium ion batteries 50% extra capacity
Dutch tech-company RGS has launched its E-magy nano-porous silicon, a material claimed to significantly improve the uptake of lithium ions and accommodate swelling during charging cycles.

RGS started manufacturing the E-magy silicon in its advanced industrial facility in the Netherlands and the material is now available for broad customer qualification. It is anticipated that E-magy will be mixed into a carbon anode at desired amounts according to customer specific formulations.

RGS is currently collaborating with leading industrial customers and with renowned institutes, such as Delft University of the Netherlands and CEA of France. The Dutch company is preparing to extend its advanced industrial facility to GigaWatt scale. The facility will be extended to a production capacity of 50 tons per year, which will supply a 1 GigaWatthour (GWh) of battery manufacturing capacity.

“We believe that our E-magy product, founded deeply in our silicon technology experience, will be instrumental to large scale manufacturing initiatives for battery system”, says Dr. Axel Schönecker, CTO of RGS. “This will benefit e-mobility, electronics and large utility storage battery applications - and will support the transition to a zero emission society”.

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