Nanoscale MEMS Resonator Structure Yields Controllable MHz-Range Filter, Isolator: Page 3 of 3

February 22, 2019 //By Bill Schweber
Nanoscale MEMS Resonator Structure Yields Controllable MHz-Range Filter, Isolator
By fabricating a nano-MEMS honeycomb lattice, researchers developed a solid-state device that can function as a voltage-tunable filter or unidirectional energy coupler for electrical energy in the 10 to 20-MHz range that’s been converted into acoustic-like phonons.

Another interesting feature of the design is its robustness with respect to waveguide imperfections such as sharp corners. To study this, they also fabricated a zig-zag waveguide with two sharp corners of 60⁰. Their test results showed that the energy transport had negligible backscattering from these corners.

The researchers maintain they have tangibly demonstrated that nanoelectromechanical metamaterials can create on-chip acoustic devices that function as stable yet controllable ultrasound-based, RF signal-processing elements. Their extremely detailed published papers provide full analysis of the molecular and lattice physics, the fabrication process for their devices, their simulation results, and actual measured data. Support for the research was provided by the National Science Foundation, the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center at IBM Research-Zurich, and the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech.

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