Near field analysis for EMI/EMC

January 18, 2013 //By Deepak Kumar Behera, Sumit Varshney , Sunaina Srivastava and Swapnil Tiwari
Near field analysis for EMI/EMC
EMI/EMC characterization is essential for many electronics products. The high-speed signals may induce not only signal integrity and power integrity issues, but also cause radiation and electromagnetic interference problem.

For low frequency signals (up to 100MHz) radiated and conducted emission can be ignored but as wavelength becomes comparable to the trace length circuit approximation is no longer valid. The trace geometry and its separation become important in case of PCB. The signal's rise time, fall time, period and pulse width play the role in determining the EMC of PCB’s. A lack of knowledge of fundamental EMI sources also makes anticipating potential EMI problems at the design stage troublesome.

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