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November 13, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Neural network core is optimised for robotaxis
The Series4 neural network accelerator core from Imagination Technologies delivers 12.5TOPS can be combined in a cluster of eight, with multiple clusters for autonomous vehicles

the workloads,” said Gilberto Blanco, director of product management.

“With L3, 4 you need to go beyond 100TOPS but not doing the same tasks. The heavy lifting tasks are at 40 to 60 TOPS with multiple tasks and there is not large amounts of data transferred between clusters,” he said.

The optimisation for power at 30TOPS/W on a 5nm process technology also allows it to be used in industrial image processing chip designs. “This can also be used for edge processing designs,” said Grant. “We think there’s a real opportunity right now to introduce a platform that people can deploy at the edge that comes from the embedded industry not the data centre or desktop.”

The Series4 NNA core will be available as IP in December and works alongside Imagination's automotive GPU core. Chip designs have already started, with layout in 2021 and Q3 or Q4 for test chips on a 7nm process with a lead customer says Blanco.

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