Neutrino energy devices to power IoT devices

September 10, 2019 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Neutrino energy devices to power IoT devices
As solar energy advances to being a viable alternative to fossil fuels, there is a new source of energy based on neutrinos that could power everything day and night. In 2015, it was discovered that neutrinos have mass, so in theory, they can impact matter and give up some of their kinetic energy.

Neutrino Energy Group is looking to make neutrino-based power generators a reality in the near future by designing materials that can convert the kinetic energy of a neutrino into electricity. What is more such devices could be tiny and built into machines of all sizes to autonomously power the IoT without the need for a grid

Scientists recently discovered that trilayer graphene conducts electricity with no net energy loss at 1.7 degrees Kelvin, which is just slightly above absolute zero. The researchers who made this discovery envision trilayer graphene as a replacement for existing superconductors.

After this discovery, Holger Thorsten Schubart, the CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group patented a conductive material quite similar to the newly-discovered trilayer graphene superconductor. In his patent he describes a "neutrino film" that responds to the motion of neutrinos as they pass through the planet.

Similar to trilayer graphene superconducting material, neutrino energy technology developed by the Neutrino Energy Group uses thin layers of graphene to create a resonance from passing neutrinos that enables the conversion some of the neutrinos kinetic energy into electricity.

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