NFC Forum signs packaging and wireless power deals

August 02, 2017 // By Nick Flaherty
The NFC Forum has signed deals on intelligent packaging and wireless charging industry groups to drive the takeup of low cost Near Field Communication (NFC) devices through greater interoperability and more compact and cost-efficient charging interfaces.

It is working with the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) to add intelligence and new capabilities to packaging to provide information, lower costs, reduce waste, and increase profitability, as well as the Wireless Power Consortium to manage Qi chargers.

"These collaborations were established in order to promote, educate, and increase interest in and the use of NFC," said Paula Hunter, executive director of the NFC Forum. "Our liaison relationships are focused on unleashing innovations and removing barriers to interoperability for industry and consumers so that businesses and people everywhere can take advantage of NFC technology."

Early applications of NFC technology in smart packaging include smartphone-enabled interactive tags and time-temperature monitors, which will be the fastest growing segment, increasing at a double-digit annual rate as NFC becomes more commercially feasible for mass-volume consumer products. AIPIA has been supporting the implementation of smart packaging throughout the industry, enforcing the adoption of standardization platforms, participating in commercial ready-to-market events, connecting industry players and lobbying governments worldwide.

The partnership of WPC and the NFC Forum will allow for more education in the industry about use cases and standardization for products in wireless charging in Qi systems. The WPC operates a certification program to ensure that products, like NFC Forum devices, supporting Qi based wireless charging can transfer energy seamlessly. This program will include requirements and test methods for Qi wireless transmitters to protect NFC Forum devices and tags. The end goal is to have interoperability that is truly open with the use of Qi, which will create more compact and cost-efficient charging interfaces for portable devices and create opportunities for integrating NFC-based services into charging applications.

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