Nokia combines 700MHz and 3500MHz 5G bands in world first

August 03, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Nokia combines 700MHz and 3500MHz 5G bands in world first
Nokia and Taiwan Mobile (TWM) have achieved the world’s first 5G system to combine spectrum in the 700MHz (n28) and 3500MHz (n78) bands.

Nokia has demonstrated the first system to combine the 700MHz long range wireless with 3500MHz high bandwidth frequency bands.

The trial, which took place in a 5G standalone (SA) network environment, paves the way for partner Taiwan Mobile (TWM) to offer enhanced connectivity and capacity. The New Radio Carrier Aggregation (NRCA) combines frequency bands for higher rates and increased coverage, boosting network capacity and maximizing the spectral efficiency of 5G networks.

The  trial was performed with Nokia’s AirScale 5G SA architecture in TWM’s commercial 5G network with 5G equipment from Mediatek. It combined two spectrum bands, frequency division duplex (FDD) in 700MHz (n28) and time division duplex (TDD) in 3500MHz (n78), which are widely adopted in 5G networks worldwide.

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Using FDD in the lower frequency band provides wide coverage area improving cell edge performance, particularly for the Internet of Things and lower power consumption, and this band is opening up around the world. TDD has a higher bandwidth and capacity.

“This trial is an important milestone as we execute our 5G strategy and deliver best-in-class 5G services to our subscribers,” said Tom Koh, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Technology Group, Taiwan Mobile. “Combining SA with NR CA, our 5G user experience is raised to the next level while the utilization of our spectrum assets and 5G networks are maximized. We are pleased with our partnership with Nokia as we continue to advance deployment and build a thriving 5G ecosystem.”

Nokia is TWM’s sole 5G equipment supplier covering 5G RAN, 5G Core and 5G IMS including its latest AirScale Radio Access products.

“Aggregating spectrum is an efficient way to enable enhanced coverage and capacity. This successful trial highlights how mobile operators with similar spectrum allocation can achieve similar results,” said Mark Atkinson, SVP, Radio Access Networks PLM at Nokia.

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