Non-profit volunteer initiative leverages AI to limit Covid-19 spread

April 02, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Artificial Intelligence solutions provider Logol has launched Data4Covid19, a non-profit project aimed at raising public awareness and promoting responsible behavior in order to block the spread of coronavirus.

Donating the time of its experienced mathematicians, engineers and computer science professionals, Logol has set up a freely accessible online platform designed to provide citizens with objective, relevant and easy to understand information. Data4Covid19 offers location-based information, including the user’s probability of running into someone with the virus when leaving home and the number of intensive care beds still available in nearby hospitals. The system currently covers Switzerland, France and Italy (the first European country to experience a major outbreak) and can be accessed at

Created and maintained pro bono, Logol's Data4Covid19 platform provides citizens with objective and understandable information about the situation in their area, such as spread of the virus and number of deaths by canton, region or province. It uses only official data from public health agencies, updated daily. Among its key features, there is a simulator that lets the user calculate the probability of running into someone with the virus when leaving home. Moreover, mathematical models are used to accurately estimate future progress of the virus in terms of numbers of cases, deaths and patients requiring intensive care.

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