Novares pours 5 million euros into FlexEnable

May 04, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Novares pours 5 million euros into FlexEnable
A global plastic solutions provider for the automotive industry, Novares plans to make equity investments into flexible electronics solutions provider FlexEnable, totalling 5 million euros.

“Open to current or future partners and co-innovators, Novares has created a Venture Capital Fund of 50 million euros to invest in the development of technological innovations over the next five years, with a first equity investment in FlexEnable. This will support Novares’ new solutions for clean, light, connected and autonomous cars that are user-friendly, incorporating HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) with an improved passenger experience.” says Pierre Boulet, Novares CEO.

The strategic investment aims to drive FlexEnable’s engineering and manufacturing efforts to bring flexible organic LCD (OLCD) to automotive interiors, changing where and how displays are used in vehicles. Automotive designers now have the freedom to replace today’s flat screens with bendable, wrappable, glass-free OLCD technology that is better suited to the shapes of the modern car interior while enabling ‘smart surfaces’.

FlexEnable’s proprietary organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) platform enables high-performance flexible displays and sensors on plastic substrates that can be applied to almost any surface. A core application of this disruptive technology are organic LCDs (OLCDs) which are light, thin and shatterproof, and can be bent (up to 10mm), conformed and shaped. 

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