Occupancy management reference platform leverages IR and AI

February 25, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Occupancy management
Lynred and GreenWaves Technologies have jointly developed an open source occupancy management reference platform intended for the connected buildings market, primarily for managing and optimizing workspace in offices.

In this reference platform, the people counting and detection function is enabled by an embedded neural network running on the GreenWaves GAP8 processor. Sample training data is obtained using Lynred’s high-resolution 80x80 IR detector, ThermEye, which captures several thousand thermal images in office spaces from meeting rooms to open-plan areas while preserving occupant anonymity. The reference platform lets building equipment suppliers fast-track production of their own battery operated, easy to install people counting devices. It offers occupancy management service companies the next level in data accuracy for locating and counting people, enabling differentiation in their service platforms. All of the hardware and software components of the reference platform are released under permissive open source licenses.

Lynred and GreenWaves are making an evaluation board available with an open source implementation of the design and the algorithm. The board runs on a single AA battery and can be used to evaluate the performance of the reference platform.

GreenWaves Technologies - www.greenwaves-technologies.com

Lynred - www.lynred.com

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