Omron vision sensor enhances retail signage

April 30, 2020 // By Julien Happich
retail signage
Omron Electronic Components’ Human Vision Sensor forms the heart of a new digital signage accessory aimed at retailers, providing the gender and age of viewers.

The Nexmosphere X-Eye Gender sensor captures just these specific data points for those standing in front of interactive displays and digital signage, allowing content to be tuned appropriately whilst complying fully with GDPR regulations.

Nexmosphere’s goal in creating the X-Eye was to deliver a small, easy to integrate, non-intrusive unit that was completely stand-alone, with no internet connection or software license fees required. The Omron HVC-P2 provided the core of this solution, handling all the complexity of seeing and recognising faces, bodies and gestures, providing a value and a degree of certainty at the UART or USB interface. All the integrator needs to do is read the data output and programme the system to react appropriately. Nexmosphere has blocked access to the image at the hardware level, ensuring GDPR compliance even if the software in the unit is hacked.

The X-Eye Gender sensor is part of the Nexmosphere XY range, a variety of sensors designed to detect presence in front of interactive displays. The sensor gives a level of confidence in accuracy of the detected gender and features adjustable settings including trigger levels and detection area. The data points trigger age or gender-specific content to be displayed. This is a small, easy to integrate and non-intrusive solution with applications that include retail and museum displays.

The Omron Human Vision Component HVC-P2 offers one of the industry’s fastest image recognition speeds. It is an integrated module including a camera and an image processing board. It offers ten image sensing functions for use in digital signage, home and office automation and security applications, including body detection, face recognition, hand detection, age estimation, gender estimation and expression estimation.

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