Online store specializes on wafers, from glass to SOI

March 16, 2020 //By Julien Happich
A technical distributor of equipment and materials, Inseto has added an online store to its website, carrying the company’s current inventory of semiconductor wafers, including silicon, silica, glass, coated and silicon on insulator (SOI).

The store features secure online payment and promises rapid delivery of stocked wafers. The distributor says it will soon expand its online inventory with sapphire, silicon on sapphire (SoS), lithium niobate, germanium and other wafer materials.

A powerful filtering tool enables users to narrow down their searches by specifying properties common to all wafers, such as diameter and thickness. Then, depending on wafer material, the properties become more specific. For example, silicon wafer properties include ingot growth method, crystallographic orientation, dopant, grade and upper and lower surface resistivity.

“We have ploughed the combined knowledge of our wafer and supply chain experts into our online store. In our experience, most customers know the exact specifications of the wafers they need, certainly in the case of repeat orders, or they wish to rapidly explore a range of properties and available options”, explains Matt Brown, Director of Inseto.

The site also carries a Wafer Selection Guide accessible from within the online store and from within Inseto’s Knowledge Base, a repository of freely available, viewable and downloadable articles and guides.

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