Open platform analyzer offers unlimited possibilities

April 16, 2020 //By Julien Happich
The SignalShark Real Time Spectrum Analyzer from Narda Safety Test Solutions is designed to be an open platform. By integrating a powerful computer with the Windows 10 operating system, the RF testing specialists have decided to get rid of nothing less than the system limitations of this measuring instrument.

Users can analyze and archive, visualize and export measurement results, regardless of any prescribed, specific file formats. If required, this can be done automatically, in a chosen format, and with presentation quality without the need for intermediate processing on an external PC. Users can simply load their own software packages on to the analyzer to handle user-specific services. There is an immense degree of freedom to connect additional sensors or measurement modules for the special parameters that may be encountered in infrequent measurement tasks, for example. Users can also add on almost any number of peripherals such as printers, displays, or a mouse, along with the associated drivers.

“Open” means that the SignalShark family communicates in standard languages, and uses and supports the popular formats in common use in the scientific field. Naturally, this also means that the range of expansion modules can include products that are not Narda-branded devices. But, this exceptional degree of freedom does not mean that users have to make do with a sort of construction kit that needs to be put together. This spectrum analyzer can be put into service straight from the factory without any complicated setting up or configuration.

Narda’s thinking behind the open platform strategy is simple: Because of the huge number of potential applications, it would be a complete illusion to think of providing test engineers with a universal solution that would cover 100% of all practical situations in the form of a “closed box”. So, it has to be made as easy as possible to process the measurement results and add on peripheral equipment.

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