Optical-reflective absolute encoders with up to 22 bits of resolution

November 22, 2019 //By Julien Happich
The iC-PZ Series of integrated high-resolution optical-reflective absolute encoders from iC-Haus features innovative on-chip FlexCount and FlexCode functions, enabling users to select the resolution and disk diameters freely.

The ultra-compact, lensless design of the iC-PZ enables further miniaturization of motor feedback systems and is particularly suitable for implementation in robot drives. The blue LED is positioned between two integrated scanning fields on the iC-PZ device, which provides wide mechanical assembly tolerances and high precision and reliability. Using a disk diameter of 26 mm, single-turn resolutions of up to 22 bits are possible using on-chip interpolation.

The iC-PZ Series is available in three variations and thus facilitates a wide range of disk diameters and motor diameters from 16 mm as well as high-precision linear encoders up to a maximum path length of 6.71 m. For miniature drives, the iC-PZ0974 is available with a code wheel of only 9mm.

The universal sensor platform can easily be reused without having to modify the electronics for different encoder variations, thus saving time and costs and representing a new approach in encoder technology.

The miniaturized design is realized in a 0.9 mm flat oQFN32 package (5x5mm). The permissible mechanical assembly tolerances of the iC-PZ encoder chips has been improved. For a code disk with a diameter of 26 mm, the tolerances are ±0.5 mm (tangential), ±0.4 mm (radial) and ±2° (rotation). A working distance between sensor chip and code disk of 1 to 2 mm is permissible. These large tolerances reduce time and cost for installation and adjustment of the iC-PZ. In addition, the encoder solutions are extremely rugged, even against mechanical disturbances. The available interfaces of the iC-PZ are designed for maximum flexibility in application. Three out of the five output interfaces can be freely selected simultaneously: ABZ quadrature signals, analog sin/cos for processing with an external interpolation module, UVW, SPI, and BiSS/SSI. Calibration and configuration data is stored in an external I2C EEPROM. The chip operates from a supply of 4.5 to 5.5V over an operating temperature range of –40 to +125°C.

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