Optical spectrum analyser for telecom device production testing

March 06, 2018 // By Julien Happich
Optical spectrum analyser for telecom device production testing
Yokogawa Test & Measurement has released a cost-effective instrument, the AQ6360 benchtop optical spectrum analyser, optimised for the production testing of datacom and telecom devices such as laser diodes, optical transceivers and optical amplifiers.

It offers a sweep speed twice that of other OSA models designed for R&D purposes, thus improving production throughput, and features the convenient free-space optical input which supports both single-mode and multimode fibre testing.

Key performance features include a wavelength range from 1200 to 1650nm, a selectable wavelength resolution from 0.1 to 2nm, a high wavelength accuracy of ±0.02 nm, a high dynamic range of 55 dB, and a wide measurement range from +20 to -80 dBm. The wavelength resolution and accuracy are maintained over the whole wavelength range. The AQ6360 has sufficient optical performance to perform accurate measurements on the side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR): a key parameter of laser testing on a production line. The instrument can also be used in conjunction with bit error rate test (BERT) equipment to measure the centre wavelength and spectral width of transceivers and laser diode modules. The AQ6360 incorporates a new type of monochromator with a simpler design and which is lighter in weight than that fitted to earlier Yokogawa models. As a result, it is more robust and does not require re-alignment if the instrument is moved. The instrument comes in a compact housing measuring only 4U in height. It features a high resolution, responsive 8.4-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen for simple and intuitive operation.

Yokogawa - www.yokogawa.com

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