Next generation Mixed Signal Oscilloscope targets electric vehicle designs

August 31, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Yokogawa's DLM5000 features eight analog inputs and the ability to link two units to boost measurement flexibility
Yokogawa's DLM5000 features eight analog inputs and the ability to link two units to boost measurement flexibility

Yokogawa has launched its next generation of mixed signal oscilloscope with options for four or eight analog inputs.

The DLM5000 oscilloscope is the successor to the previous 8-channel DLM4000 model. With redesigned hardware, the DLM5000 offers major improvements in both performance and operability, including a sampling rate double that of the DLM4000. It is aimed at applications such as mechatronics, power electronics, automotive, aerospace, railway and consumer electronics.

Yokogawa says there is a specific focus on intelligent power-semiconductor technologies and mechatronics in modern electric vehicles, motor controls and energy efficient electronic designs that need up to eight analog channels and 32 bits of logic, together with additional math channels, vehicle serial bus analysis, and numerous other analysis features.

A large number of channels are key to developing efficient and reliable high-performance electric motors. Based on modern inverters, successful development of these motors demands multi-channel, highspeed waveform measurement. These types of measurement often need more than four channels, which is why the DLM5000 offers eight true analog inputs.

The DLM5000 is also aimed at the development of Electronic Control Units (ECU) for mechatronics systems. In this application, numerous I/O analog, digital, and serial-bus waveforms need to be measured. With the ability to monitor eight analog channels and up to 32-bits of logic input, 16 as standard plus 16 optional, while simultaneously performing protocol analysis such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CXPI, SENT and FlexRay, the DLM5000 can speed up development when four channels are not enough.

Additionally, the new feature DLMsync, available soon, allows two DLM5000s to be linked and work together, extending measurements to gain even more information about the performance and behaviour of electronic systems. With this feature, connecting two DLM5000s with a dedicated cable enables sampling clock and trigger synchronous measurement of up to 16 analog channels (8 + 8) plus 64 bit logic. Alternatively, the eight channel and four channel models of the DLM5000 can be connected to

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