Ossia claims 2.4-GHz free-space wireless power breakthrough: Page 2 of 2

July 30, 2018 // By Nick Flaherty
Ossia claims 2.4-GHz free-space wireless power breakthrough
Wireless power technology company Ossia (Bellevue, WA) has boosted the performance of its 2.4-GHz free-space wireless power receiver by 50% and will soon be able to work in the 5.8-GHz band for receivers smaller than a AA battery.

The higher frequency also increases the focus of the power signal, which increases the amount of power delivered to a Cota receiver, and ensures more energy is going where it is needed. This is due to the shorter wavelength of the higher frequency system.This would mean licensses could decrease the size of the Cota receiver, which enables them to create receivers to fit currently available battery sizes even smaller than the AA battery. 

The Cota technology allows a single transmitter to power multiple devices in motion, without a line of sight, and at a distance. Cota is inherently safe and does not interfere with other wireless technologies. All Cota-enabled devices can be activated, managed, and monitored via the Cota Cloud platform.


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