Percepio offers free Tracealyzer in exchange for story

December 17, 2019 //By
A provider of software trace visualization solutions for embedded systems, Percepio is offering developers a free 1-year Tracealyzer license in exchange of sharing their experience about a real problem solved with the tool.

The offer is open to developers with or without an existing license and runs until 31 March 2020. Applicants without a current license will receive a free 30-day license to enable them to solve their problem and write the blog post. Existing license holders will receive a free 1-year extension under the offer.

To take advantage of the Percepio winter offer, applicants should contact by 31 March 2020 and briefly describe the problem they are planning to solve with Tracealyzer. Once their blog is written, applicants will need to publish it in a prominent location and share the link with Percepio to qualify for a free 1-year Tracealyzer license. Alternatively, applicants can send the story to Percepio who will then post it on their own corporate website.

Blogs must be in English and supported by at least one relevant screenshot. Bloggers are also requested to provide their full name, job title, company name and logo. While all copyright remains with the author, participating bloggers grant Percepio the right to publish their texts on the corporate website.

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