Pin-hole optics combine with OLED microdisplays for AR

February 06, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Pin-hole optics combine with OLED microdisplays for AR
Korean startup LetinAR together and German OLED microdisplays specialist Fraunhofer FEP have co-designed a joint demonstrator of what could enable AR eyewear of the future.

The demonstrator stacks one OLED microdisplay onto the top edge of LetinAR’s Pin Mirror (PinMR) lens, in effect a piece of optics that implements the “Pinhole Effect” with tiny mirrors embedded in the optical glass.

The PinMR reflects the light from the microdisplay and guides it into the pupils of the AR glass’ wearer, creating a virtual image that overlaps real world sceneries as seen through the eyewear. LetinAR says that compared to traditional optical systems based on half-mirrors, diffractive optical elements and waveguides, its Pin Mirror lens is narrower and easier to manufacture, while supporting accurage colour reproductions. Although the prototype uses a monochrome green OLED microdisplay, it could be expanded to a full-color system to integrate into glasses, caps, or helmets.

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