Plastic optical fibre links telematics control module, EMI-free

April 24, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Plastic optical fibre
KDPOF, in partnership with ALPS, has developed a concept for an LTE-A telematics control module that uses Gigabit Ethernet over plastic optical fibre (GEPOF - IEEE Std 802.3bv) to connect to the central communications hub such as a head unit.

Since plastic optical fibre provides inherently high Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), the links do not interfere with the smart antenna receivers. With the necessary speed going beyond 100 Mbps, a 1 Gbps Ethernet link is required. Moreover, substituting the current RF link with an Ethernet data link will not only aggregate LTE-A packets but other sources such as digital radio as well. The EMC problem-free link permits simple re-positioning of the antenna module among vehicle configurations, unaffected by the electromagnetic noise generated inside the car compartment. The Ethernet (SGMII/RGMII) host bus of the Gigabit POF transceiver simplifies integration with current ISA chipsets, and the Gigabit capacity of the Ethernet link over POF allows for the aggregation of various data streams such as LTE-A, Wi-Fi, V2x, RDS, DAB radio, etc.


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