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August 12, 2019 //By Julien Happich
The second quarter of 2019 finally showed the long-expected slowdown of the components distribution market in Europe, largely in line with the overall market trends. According to DMASS Ltd., the European Semiconductor Distribution Market declined 1% to 2.32 Billion Euro in Q2.

“As the regional markets are very different in structure and customer nature, it is no surprise to see differences as described above. In EMS-driven markets in Nordic and Eastern Europe, all trends from double-digit growth to double-digit decline are visible in Q2, while for example the UK despite all Brexit anxiety holds up rather nicely for another quarter. The Italian market on the other hand lost 11.3% compared to last year, is negative for the second quarter and faces a long, hot summer quarter” continued Steinberger.

At the product level, almost every area turned negative, except some selected Power, Sensors, Opto, Analog, Memory and Logic categories. Analog products grew 1.5% to 687 Million Euro, MOS Micro shrank 5.6% to 455 Million Euros, Power grew 2.6% to 258 Million Euros, Memories declined 0.8% to 206 Million Euro and Opto lost 8.4% to 203 Million Euro. While Programmable Logic dropped by 4% to 147 Million Euro, Other Logic grew another staggering 19.3% to 137 Million Euro.

“Last quarter looks a bit awkward if you compare products that are connected through project-driven sales – Analog grows while MOS Micro declines, Programmable Logic drops while ASSPs clearly explode, Opto and LEDs decline, Sensors grow. If you would pick a real setback, it would probably be the disappointing LED business. To be noted positively are Power-MOS which have grown to the second-biggest product category in distribution, only outperformed by Power Management. And Digital Logic is slowly starting to overtake Programmable Logic. Comrade Trend says hello…” noted Steinberger.

What is ahead for the rest of the year is hard to predict in a shaky environment as faced in 2019.

DMASS figures are collected and consolidated by Data Dynamics Ltd – www.datadynamicsltd.co.uk

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