Power line communication solution now supports voice

September 13, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Renesas Electronics announced a new voice-over-power line communication (PLC) solution that enables both data communication and voice communication capabilities over existing power networks.

The PLC solution reduces the amount of internal wiring required in buildings, enabling reduced implementation and maintenance costs for public address (PA) systems and security systems.

The new solution consists of Renesas’ PLC software modem (R9A06G037), which manages the PLC communications, and the RX651 microcontroller (MCU), which controls the audio codec processing. For a new installation that includes various sensors as well as voice communication, wiring costs can be reduced by approximately 60 percent while installation and maintenance costs can be reduced up to 40 percent.

While earlier attempts to use power lines for voice communication have led to poor audio quality due to fluctuations in the delay time, the new voice-over-PLC solution uses priority control during audio transmission to virtually eliminate delay fluctuations, even in cases where signal control communication and voice communication operate over the same power lines. The new voice-over-PLC solution has been tested and proven to support greater than one km distance on DC powerlines with more than 128 nodes connected without the need of repeaters. It is paired with a flexible and configurable software stack running on Renesas’ RX651 MCU.

Renesas Electronics Europe -  www.renesas.com


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