Precision fibre alignment arrays

December 18, 2019 //By Julien Happich
fibre alignment
The OptoArray launched by Optoscribe is a new range of precision fibre alignment structures, said to offer unrivalled levels of optical performance through the precise alignment of optical fibres.

The OptoArray solutions can help reduce losses in optical circuits through the precise and stable alignment of fibres. This is particularly important given the demand for increasing levels of high density optical fibre in a wide variety of applications, including multi-fibre connectors, arrays for interfacing to optical switching hardware such as reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexers (ROADMs), and interfacing to other free-space optical systems.

Optoscribe’s high speed laser-based manufacturing process provides full 3D flexibility in the patterning of holes and can create high precision, highly controllable microstructures in glass. In addition, the 3D control provides the ability to shape the hole entrance creating a funnel or conical taper to allow for easy insertion of the fibres. Holes can also be formed at arbitrary angles to the surface of the glass such as the 8 degrees typically used for minimising back-reflections.

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