Printoo: printed electronics made Arduino-compatible

April 22, 2014 //By Julien Happich
Printoo: printed electronics made Arduino-compatible
A spin-out from YDreams, Ynvisible was founded in 2010 with the goal to bring more interactivity to everyday objects and surfaces, mostly through the use of flexible and printed electronics including the company’s fully transparent electrochromic display.

The paper-thin display, which only becomes visible when activated can easily be integrated with different background graphics.

Currently, the company is raising funds through the crowd-funding platform KickStarter for the first production batch of its Printoo Arduino-compatible printed electronics design platform. With more than three weeks to go, Ynvisible has already collected more than its initial $20,000 pledge which would support the production of roughly 500 kits featuring between 10 to 12 modules. 

Running Arduino software, the first Printoo packs include novel printed modules including LED light strips from VTT lab, 1.5V printed batteries from Blue Spark and Enfucell, 0.350mm thin organic photodetectors from ISORG, printed polymer solar cells from Mekoprint, and Ynvisible’s own transparent printed displays running from 1.5V.

Also included are modules like Bluetooth LE, DC motor control, flexible LED matrixes, and a variety of sensors. The Printoo core is powered by the Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller. A list of components can be found at

“Flexible and printed electronics components are often only available from labs and research institutes, and by building an Arduino-compatible platform capable of connecting different flexible modules, we’re giving designers a chance to try out these novel printed electronic technologies”, explains Manuel Câmara, New Products Manager at Ynvisible. 

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