Production starts for 20s Covid-19 test

September 11, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
The AI-based Virolens 20s Covid-19 test system
TT Electronics has started production of a Covid-19 test system that can produce a result in just 20s at Hartlepool in a £2m deal

A Covid-19 test system that delivers a result in seconds rather than hours or days has been developed in UK and is entering production

An initial £2m deal with TT Electronics will see the Virolens system developed jointly with iAbra made at the TT plant in Hartlepool, UK.

Rather than analysing DNA, the Virolens system uses a 'holographic' microscope and imaging machine learning algorithms to identify the shape of the virus in saliva. Like PCR systems from DNAnudge and Bosch, it uses a cartridge system, but delivers a result in 20s rather than 45 minutes. 

Current medical imaging systems have a resolution down to 120nm, the size of a Covid-19 virus. A 4K resolution imaging system in Virolens is used to identify individual Covid-19 viruses in a sample using an AI inference model trained with virus samples from the University of Bristol. The inference engine and image processing algorithms run on an Intel processor.

“This is a significant step forward in the battle against COVID-19, much of which has revolved around our inability to keep society moving with the constant background threat of infection,” said Greg Compton, CEO of iAbra, a neural networking image analysis startup founded in Bedfordshire, UK, in 2010. “Our system allows simple, high speed, reliable and low-cost testing in dynamic environments. In short, with the Virolens system, we can get the world moving again.”

Internal testing of the system has shown 99.8% sensitivity and 96.7% specificity. It has also been trialled at London Heathrow Airport, but the system would need further trials to demonstrate its accuracy and effectiveness.

As the exclusive manufacturing partner, TT Electronics has custom parts in the design, and expects that the deal could be worth up to £280m. “Providing critical products and services to support life-saving and other essential technology, including medical applications, lies at the heart of what TT does,” said Richard Tyson, CEO of TT Electronics. “Virolens has the potential to be a

The AI-based Virolens 20s Covid-19 test system

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