Push-pull connector with angled PCB-mount sockets

May 11, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Push-pull connector
Yamaichi Electronics is continuously extending its Y-Circ P product portfolio. The latest versions are sockets with angled contact outputs. Different versions were designed including sockets with exposed angled contacts and angled sockets with housings for improved signal shielding are available.

The first variant can be combined with the various sockets for front panel mounting (WA), rear panel mounting (WD) and front/rear panel mounting (WC). The contacts are marked with codes ‘FQ’ and ‘MQ’ in the type number key. For easier configuration these contact types are available in the product configurator at https://configurator.yamaichi.de.

In addition to size 09 and 12 there are variants with housing available. They can be selectively screwed to the housing wall (connector type ‘WE’) or just fed through an opening in the housing (connector type ‘WI’). The robust metal housing shields sensitive signals against interference. Either screws or solder pins can be selected for mechanical fixing and shield transfer.

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