PXI matrix switch module offers up to 9216 crosspoints

June 24, 2020 // By Julien Happich
PXI matrix switch
Pickering Interfaces has released 12-slot BRIC configuration for two of its popular PXI matrix switch models, the 1A 40-562B BRIC12 modules and the 0.5A 40-558 BRIC12 modules which holds up to 18 matrix daughtercards, offering up to 9216 crosspoints, making it the industry’s highest capacity PXI matrix switch module.

Like previously available 2, 4 and 8-slot versions, the new 12-slot 40-562B and 40-558 modules feature an internal screened analog bus that maximizes signal integrity. The internal bus also minimizes the cost and complexity of cable assemblies to the device under test (DUT) and instrumentation. Internal isolation relays on the internal bus can reduce stub length issues, which provides improved signal quality. Depending on the configuration, the BRIC12 40-558 models can support 1-pole matrix sizes up to 1512x6, 1152x8, 756x12 and 576x16 and the 40-562B models can support 1- and 2-pole matrix sizes up to 792x4, 396x8, 198x16 or 90x32. All models are constructed using the world’s smallest and highest reliability ruthenium reed relays from Pickering Electronics, offering over 109 operations to give maximum switching confidence with long life and very stable contact resistance.

Pickering Interfaces - www.pickeringtest.com

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