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July 27, 2018 //By Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
Quantum dots: time of growth and change
Quantum dots (QDs) are no longer a young technology. Even their commercialization process is not new since the pioneering companies were formed in the 2001-2005 period. The QDs are also not commercially novice: they have been employed in LCD displays as remote phosphors for several years.  

The potential is therefore great but so are the challenges. As typical, the best will go to those who wait in the display material supply business.

The IDTechEx Research report Quantum Dot Materials and Technologies 2018-2028: Trends, Markets, Players details the merits of different QD integration approaches, the challenges facing each, and the latest progress. The report also provides our technology roadmap as well as ten-year market forecasts segmented by technology, showing whether and when each technology will rise and fall.  

The overall market will grow in the coming decades although costs reductions can cause a plateauing or a decline near the end of our forecast period. More importantly, the technology mix will be significantly transformed over the years as film-type will no longer reign supreme, giving its market share to color filter QDs, on-chip QDs, emissive QDs, and so on.

Finally, the industry will not be limited to displays, potentially moving beyond towards lighting, sensors and photovoltaics. There are many other applications such as lighting, sensors, photovoltaics and so on as shown in our report Quantum Dots 2018-2028: Technologies, Markets, Players.

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