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April 15, 2019 // By Ricky Ye
Re-imagining STEM education through robotics
Last year may well have been the year of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, but two months in to 2019 and momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing. If anything, the rise of STEM education has brought with it a wave of edtech resources aimed at improving engagement among students. Here are four ways in which robotics could benefit this new wave of educational resources.

Step four: keeping pace with advances

Acknowledging the rise of STEM in the workforce and in education is one thing however, keeping pace with its rapid advances is another story. An industry that is frequently, and often rightly, bound by rules and regulations, the education sector is often left a step behind the latest technologies.

Overcoming this is difficult however, it can be eased by choosing resources that are easily scale-able and designed to grow alongside students’ increasing attainment levels.

With this in mind, a must in every STEM learning toolkit is micro:bit accessories. Not only do these form the building blocks of countless resources, extension products like DFRobot’s macqueen mini robot provide simple and practical ways to increase learning opportunities and provide teachers and students with infinite possibilities.


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